Federalism, You're Already Dead

Federalism—that is what the debate is about. It’s not about gun control, abortion regulations or the minimum wage. It’s about what kind of government we want to have. Do we want one more like those in Europe, where strong central governments predominate and laws can be passed with a simple majority? Or do we want a government like the one our founding fathers gave us? 

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Merry Christmas (still)

Yes, I know it is January, but that doesn’t mean Christmas is over. By now you’re no doubt tired of all those carols and bells, but believe it or not, it is still Christmastime. You see, while everyone else started watching Home Alone and baking cookies as soon as Thanksgiving came to a close, I began to wait.

As a kid I loved the buildup to Christmas—weeks and weeks of music, decorations, and desserts. Eventually the big day would arrive; we would unwrap our gifts, play with our toys and eat more cookies. Then, suddenly it’s December 26. Take down the tree, put away the lights and stop singing those carols—Christmas is over. It always seemed so incomplete. It turns out it was incomplete.

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