What Sick Hillary and Poll Trutherism Have in Common

Hardcore Trump supporters (“Trumpkins” for short) are obsessed with two conspiracy theories these days: (1) Hillary Clinton is really sick and could be incapacitated at any moment and (2) polls showing Trump losing are fraudulent or, at best, wrong. How do these two conspiracies relate? Well, let me tell you. 

I’ve only recently noticed Trumpkins’ obsession with Hillary Clinton’s health. Drudge Report, Breitbert, Sean Hannity, and others are obsessing over it. Why is Hillary’s health so relevant to the Presidential election?

For me, there are plenty of arguments against a Hillary Clinton presidency. The status of her health isn’t one of them. If I had to guess why Trumpkins are focused on Clinton’s health, it would be that they believe if voters knew Clinton was so sick as to be near death, people would vote for Trump over her. Personally, I think a near-death Clinton would actually have the opposite effect. She is viewed so unfavorably (as is Trump) that Tim Kaine would easily appear as a better presidential option.

Now, how does Hillary’s health relate to poll “truthers,” i.e., those Trump supporters who believe the polls showing Hillary winning are wrong? Well, if Hillary were truly trailing Trump in the polls, then her health wouldn’t matter. I mean, she wouldn’t be projected to win anyway, so why worry about the possibility of her dying in office?

If Hillary is winning, though, then there is a lot of incentive to use her possible health problems as a way to convince people to vote for Trump instead. Trumpkins are probably in denial, but their obsession with Hillary’s health is a sign of their desperation. They know Trump is losing. So, they are throwing whatever they can at her to take her out.

It’s not working, though. And it’s not working because there isn’t any evidence to back it up. Just like there isn’t any evidence that the polls are wrong or biased.

The sad reality for Trumpkins is that Trump is losing. They believed the polls during the primaries. They believed the polls immediately after the Republican convention when the race was tied. Why did they believe them then? Because the polls showed their candidate winning. Now that he is losing? Conspiracy! 

Look, I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president any more than Trumpkins do. But while a poll here or a poll there may be wrong, it’s highly unlikely that ALL the polls are wrong.

Like Dana Perino, former press secretary for George W. Bush, I learned my hard lesson about the polls in 2012. If the average of the polls shows your guy losing, well, then, he’s probably going to lose. The same was true in 2014. The polls showed the GOP capturing the Senate, gaining more seats in the House and doing well in state races. Guess what? That is exactly what happened.

Deep down, I believe Trumpkins and Trump himself know the polls are right. After all, why would Trump need to “shake up” his campaign for the second time in two months if he was winning? Why would Trump and his supporters be talking about “rigged” elections and #NeverTrump backstabbing if Trump was winning? The answer is easy: they wouldn’t.

Trumpkins are only talking about Hillary’s health problems, campaign pivots, rigged elections and RINO sabotage because Trump is losing. And Trump is losing because he is a bad candidate. Myself and other anti-Trumpers said that throughout the primaries. We knew Trump would lose. And now that the polls are starting to confirm that, Trump and his supporters are blaming anything and anybody but Trump himself.

You know, it’s amazing to me how easily Trumpkins are abandoning the conservative virtue of personal responsibility. Just like liberals, they want to shift the blame to someone or something else. To be honest, considering Trump is a Democrat disguised as a Republican, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.