Maybe Republicans Need Some Safe Spaces

Politically correct (PC ) culture has gotten out of hand. At least that seems to be the consensus in our society, especially among those of us on the right (and South Park). So many students on college campuses need “safe spaces” and fear “microaggressions,” i.e., hearing speech that offends them.

Trump and his supporters have been especially antagonistic toward the PC warriors in our culture. But now I’m starting to wonder if Trump and many Republicans need some safe spaces of their own.

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live ran a sketch where actress Melissa McCarthy parodied White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The next day, Hollywood news show Extra asked Mr. Spicer what he thought of the sketch. His response? McCarthy “could dial it back.” Okay . . . so his initial response was to critique McCarthy’s impersonation. When given a second bite at the apple, Spicer was more of a good sport, telling Fox and Friends on Monday he thought McCarthy’s impression was “cute” and “funny.”

Spicer was less charitable comments on Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of President Trump. Spicer called Baldwin’s performance “mean,” to which I say, “Who cares?” Trump is one of the most polarizing figures in U.S. political history. Of course a raging liberal like Alec Baldwin is going to be “mean” in his parody of the man.

While Spicer was able to be gracious in responding to McCarthy’s portrayal of him, it seems Trump was not. Politico reported that Trump was troubled that a woman played Spicer. One top Trump donor was quoted as saying, “Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak.”

Trump’s response to this latest personal “attack” on his administration is just another in a long line of silly affronts he’s had to comments the media and others have said about him and his administration. He didn’t like Marco Rubio saying his hands were small or the press accurately reporting that his inauguration crowds weren’t as large as Obama’s. He just gets offended way too easily . . . kind of like those students on college campuses afraid of “microaggressions.”

So I ask, does Donald Trump need a safe space?

Sadly, maybe Senate Republicans need one too. On Wednesday, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans invoked a relatively unknown procedural rule to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren after she delivered disparaging remarks about attorney general nominee Senator Jeff Sessions.

The rule McConnell invoked essentially allows the Senate to vote on whether one senator is being uncivil in his or her conduct toward another senator. By a vote of 49-43, the Senate voted to silence Warren.

This was a stupid move on a number of levels. First, it made Warren a hero on the left, gave her tons of media exposure and generally allowed her to look like a victim. Second, it made Senate Republicans look like bullies while at the same time making them look weak.

The best response Senate Republicans could have given Warren’s undignified tirade against Jeff Sessions would have been to ignore it. Warren and SNL are essentially acting like Internet trolls. They WANT a response. By not responding, they are denied power.

So what do Trump and Senate Republicans need to do? Well, they need to stop acting like “safe space” liberal college students and grow thicker skins. And that starts with ignoring those people or comments that “offend them.” In the now immortal words of a Disney classic, “let it go.”